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Attached to your HVAC system, air ducts, vents and returns, transfer the air from these systems throughout your home. What some homeowners don’t realize is that the air ducts,are usually in constant use, continually accumulate  dust, grime, debris, pet dander and allergens throughout the year. In fact, according to National Air Duct Cleaners Association the average American home produces 40 pounds of dust per year!

We recommend a vent cleaning at least once every year to keep up with the rest of your Fresh Air Care cleaning services.  Having your air ducts cleaned regularly provides many benefits, the most important being that it can improve the air quality in your home. For people who suffer from allergies, air duct cleaning services can help to reduce symptoms as it removes dust and other agitators that circulate through your air ducts.

Fresh Air Care is here to help you improve the overall health and happiness of your home. We are in the business of people, and you are our top priority. To schedule your air duct cleaning services or other cleaning services, simply book online or give us a call today to get your home on the path to a cleaner future.

Simply living in your home creates dust and dirt. Have you ever seen dust floating in the air in your home when the sun shines in? Dust, dirt, pet dander, mold spores, and allergens get pulled into the air handling system in your home. They build up in the ductwork; some of it gets recirculated back into your home, and therefore, some of it can be captured by a good quality air filter. Eventually, enough debris builds up to the point where most of it blows back into your home. Your furnace or air conditioner must run longer to cool or heat your home, which costs you more in utility bills. With a service call from Fresh Air Care Air Duct Cleaning, you can feel comfortable knowing that the accumulation of dust, dirt, dander, mold, and allergens has been cleaned from your HVAC duct system.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Don’t let your home become a statistic! Nearly 15,000 homes a year suffer from dryer fires., An accumulation of lint or a blockage in your dryer vent .

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